On recent events


Alhamdulillah, wa salatu wa salamu ala rasulillah,


From the creators of the magazine:


We are very happy with the response the materials posted on the blog received and we hope to see it spread, because this is the least we can do until Allah allows us to make hijrah fisabilillah. The magazine edition being worked on  was unfortunately never finished in time, therefore we intend to keep this blog active and cover the conquest of the world by the Islamic State, insha’Allah. This will also include commentary on current events in Iraq and Sham, as was the original purpose of the magazine. We shall try to write as actively as possible, however we are a small team and would appreciate to more writers, and as mentioned previously you may contact us if you are interested in writing.

Current events in Iraq and Syria after the many victories gained by the Islamic State with the permission of Allah only have turned the sight of the world against its soldiers and leadership.  Since the Khilafa was established Allah has given the State many victories such as the fall of Deir Ez-Zor countryside in totality, with the city firmly under siege by the Islamic State. Since the establishment of the khilafah many brigades have joined us and thousands have pledged allegiance to Amirul-Mu’mineen Ibrahim al-Husayni al-Qurayshi, may Allah protect him and his offspring.

We call upon the mujahideen around the globe to pledge allegiance and emigrate to the land of the Khilafa which extends from outskirts of Aleppo to Diyala, and the fighting rages on as we approach Baghdad.

We call upon the groups in Syria to think of their position, do they wish to be humiliated as the Prophet (ﷺ) told us in an authentic hadith:

This matter (of the caliphate) will remain with the Quraysh, and none will rebel against them, but Allah will throw him down on his face as long as they stick to the rules and regulations of the religion (Islam).

– Sahih Bukhari

Do they wish to rebel and be humiliated as the Prophet warned them they would? Or do they wish to pledge allegiance and prosper and take part on the fierce battles which will liberate not only Iraq, not only Sham, but Palestine, and the whole world after it? Only with the permission of Allah the Glorified, the Sublime.

O people, know that your khalifah is among you, know that Allah will make him victorious as long as he obeys Allah, as relayed to us by your prophet, by our prophet, and his words are only those of truth. Pledge allegiance in order that you may attain success and mercy.


O mujahideen of Iraq and Sham, know that your authority has been nullified by the arrival of the troops of the Islamic State, therefore ponder whether you wish to perish by the sword, humiliated, or whether you wish to join the State which will bring our ummah honor?


O people of Iraq and Sham, we are happy to see the love, the support, towards us as it gives our soldiers happiness after the slander and lies the hypocrites spread. Know that the State will support you and assist you if you support and assist it.


O you who disbelieve, know that the Islamic State poses you no threat as long as you do not threaten it, a severe warning for the western nations. The State has no intention to invade or harm you, so if you do not harm us we will not harm you, and we hope you hear this call.

Lastly, we want to address the wise of our ummah, Doctor Ayman al-Zawahiri:

O’ Doctor, you have undoubtedly heard the glad tidings of return of the khilafah, so turn your heart to Allah. Reflect on what will benefit your organization more, rebelling, which certaintly includes loss, against the khalifah, or uniting the ranks which you have mentioned over and over and over again as your dream and hope. This is what we call you to.

O Doctor, know that if you refuse you will hold the blood of the mujahideen on your hands. May Allah protect you against such fate.

O Doctor, know that your acceptance and pledge of allegiance will only benefit you. The state is supported by Allah and needs not your alligience.

O Doctor, be sincere to Allah! Pledge allegiance that the disbelievers may have fear of the Muslim state once again, that the thrones of the tawagheet shake from fear!

O Doctor, this is our naseeha to you, and whether you accept it or not Allah bears witness we have conveyed.


The Islamic State will only remain and expand by the permission of Allah alone, until it reaches the shores of America and will raise the flag of tawheed over Washington and the White House, if Allah wills.


And Allah is predominant over His affair, but most of the people do not know.


– The Noble Qu’ran [12:21]