Remaining Anonymous Online

I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan, the accursed,

“And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.”


In the name of Allah, the indiscriminately merciful, the acutely merciful,

All glory and thanks is to Allah, the cherisher of all of existence,

And, verily, may peace and blessings be upon our leader Muhammad, his family, his companions, and all those that follow upon their path a great peace until the day of judgement.


As for what follows,

Remaining Anonymous Online

   The question of online anonymity is an important one in this day and age. The advent of technology has made the internet ubiquitous and necessary to daily life. However, we see that the tyrants have invested in methods by which they can monitor every single particle of data that goes across the web. Every picture, phone call, text message, or any other form of anything uploaded or downloaded is monitored by these agencies. This prompts several questions, why do they monitor? Do we need to avoid their monitoring? How?

   Since this is intended to be a rather brief paper, I won’t discuss these questions in depth besides the final one. Short answers will suffice the two former questions. The intelligence agencies specifically monitor the internet with the intention of dismantling anti-colonial narratives and attacking those who postulate them. Whether Muslim, radical socialist, anarchist, or anti-government activist, they want you. They want to know what you send, when you send it, to whom you send it to, why, and how to use it against you. They monitor your social media. Even if you never use your real name, post a picture, or leave any hints, they can track your IP address, know your identity, and jail you for a few online posts. They search for keywords such as “kafir” in order to find specific individuals. These agencies are notorious for even harassing youth around the ages of fourteen to sixteen for their beliefs and rather reckless online posting.

   Do we really need to avoid this? How much danger is there? For one living in South Africa or in Sham, there may not be much danger directly. You do not need to conceal your identity from any immediate threat that would be able to reach you through your internet usage. The need to avoid these agencies is exaggerated in those living in Western countries, from Finland to the West coast of the United States. Here, kafir intelligence agencies are particularly interested in entrapping young Muslims. Sometimes, they will pretend to be sincere brothers or sisters and invite Muslims to marriage or hijrah, sometimes both, and when they coerce them, they jail them for trying to join terrorist organizations. It is clear these are amongst the foulest of Allah’s creation. They want to find ikhwan who discuss these things because they know the true Islamic narrative is dangerous to their flamboyant way of life, wherein they hoard wealth from the poor and slaughter the weak. The United States government, the government of the United Kingdom, France, and elsewhere, want to jail you. They want you to suffer. And they aren’t playing games.

   Before I delve into how exactly this is done, I will dismiss a minor issue. Is it lying to trick the kufar into thinking we live in different locations than we actually do, through words or otherwise, even if other Muslims may hear or see this?

The ennobled messenger of Allah, sal’Allah’u alaiyhu wa’ ala alaiyhi wa sahbihi salam tasleeman katheera ila yawm al din, said, in a rigorously authenticated narration,

“War is deceit.”

[al-Bukhari: 3029]

The people we are fooling are ones who have an open war with Allah, his messenger, our khilafah, and just about every sincere Muslim on this planet. You are engaging in war tactics so that you can spread the true dawah and discuss matters of jihad, to uncover news about your mujahid brothers, to dismiss lies. You are entering into a sort of psychological warfare with them, they do not take it lightly, and we do not take it lightly. Therefore, we can trick them and it is totally permissible.

Ghost VPN

   VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Essentially, when one accesses a website through normal means, on their computer, they give that website their IP address. From this, the persons’ address may be deduced. You may have wondered how Google knows what language to present to you without you ever having chosen it. That’s how. Google knows your country, but the government agencies of the world know your home address and your entire name. That’s where VPNs come in. If you use a VPN, instead of your IP telling them your real location, it will pick another location. Whether Italy, France, the Czech Republic, or in a remote location in the wilderness. If the agencies attempt to track you, their search will lead them to a dead end.

   Ghost VPN is a popular program along these veins, but it is certainly not the only one. Many are available, and you can use whatever you feel most comfortable with. It is a program that you start, then you would begin to browse websites you don’t want the government seeing you use, such as Twitter.

  What are the adab of using a VPN? Never. Ever. Login with your real name or any such identifiers. Do not check your private Facebook with your full name. Do not check your private email. Or your bank account. Why not? This will show them that the person who is in Ireland is also logging into a Facebook account used by Salma Ahmad al-Sudaniyyah. And now they know your name, can find your address, and when you login to that Facebook off of a VPN, they know your home address. Turn on the VPN when no other internet browsers are open. Do what you need to do. Turn it off once done. Simple.

   One can download and install this off of Google search.


   Whereas Ghost VPN was a program, TOR is an internet browser similar to Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. TOR uses the same line of thinking, however, instead of simply placing you in one location, it sends you internet signal through nodes, or servers, across dozens of countries. That way, any searches will come up inconclusive. TOR is a world ahead of Ghost VPN in terms of security and is the fundamental basic I recommend everyone to have. The same adab follow, no personal information on TOR whatsoever. One can choose to use Ghost VPN and TOR at the same time for additional security.

   This can be found and downloaded in the TOR Browser Bundle, available online.

Encrypted Email

   Now that one has a VPN, and TOR, he needs a new email. You can’t use that same email that reveals your home address. I personally recommend to turn on Ghost VPN whilst all other browsers are closed, turn on TOR, and go to Follow the instructions there. Bitmessage is a peer-to-peer email service, meaning they don’t save any of your emails anywhere, unlike GMail which saves every email. The only person who gets your email is that other person. Emails are also sent to random peoples’ inboxes, but they are not given the keys to see or decode them. This is done to confuse any spies who wish to uncover who sent what email to who. The contents of the email, the sender, and receiver are all hidden. Your email address will look something like,, when first making it. Simply go to the alias page, bitmessage alias, and create a nickname. You cannot login with this nickname, so it is important to save the original address, but it will end up looking like instead of letters and numbers. This can be used to access social media. Login to your encrypted email at, .


   We have discuss a program, Ghost VPN, a web browser, TOR, and now we will discuss an operating system, TAILS. The same way some people use Windows 7, Windows XP, Apple OS, or Linux, TAILS is an operating system. It is built from the ground up for the utmost privacy and security, in person, and online. It runs on a flash drive, and is a bit difficult to set up, but worth it. One boots their computer from a flashdrive, instead of when it normally boots from a hard-drive, and this allows one to access TAILS once installed. It has multiple desktops, can turn off instantly, TOR pre-installed, amongst a plethora of security features. To use a VPN and TAILS is one of the most bleeding edge forms of internet security. The same adab as before apply.

Download here:

Social Media

   One might be asking themselves if they can continue using their old social media on these. The answer is yes, but I do not recommend it whatsoever. If one feels they post things in which they would need this security, which is most Muslims upon haqq who are active online, then they should make a disclaimer saying something similar to,

“I recant all opinions deemed dangerous or violent expressed on this page. This page was run for educational and analytic purposes only, to study the radical Muslim community for recreational purposes. I invite all those who follow this page to leave such corrupt ideology. I am not affiliated with any groups or organizations deemed terrorist or dangerous otherwise by any Western government or union of governments. I am a law abiding citizen in every regard.”

And then proceed to delete all other tweets/posts on the page and after leaving this up for a few minutes, simply delete the page. Make no indication that you have done this based on instructions. You are in a war with these people, we have discussed this earlier. Now, once you are on either TOR with a VPN, TOR, and/or TAILS OS, make a new bitmessage email. Make an alias. Sign-up for Twitter on TOR. Do not post pictures or any indication of who you are explicitly. If you feel the need to alter your writing style a bit, if you were a popular page, do so. You can make subtle indications that this is so and so, however, nothing that can be proven in a court of law. Allah’u must’a’n, may we never see inside one of those rooms for such a purpose.

Instant Messaging

   There are two forms of instant messaging that can be used. One is on Google chrome, known as Cryptocat. Simply turn off all other tabs, enter into Ghost VPN, and then use Cryptocat. The other exists on PC, Linux, and Android devices, and is known as ChatSecure. It is run through TOR and messages are encrypted. Searching online will give one all the information they need.

I hope I have not written too much and that this does not bore anyone, but this is an introduction to the matter of online security. There is much I did not discuss, and perhaps some omitted that I should have. I ask Allah to accept this from me for his sake, and not for the sake of anyone else, I ask Allah to give us barakah, I ask Him, the one who hears the call of the caller, to hear our call. I ask Allah to never allow us to comitt haram online. I ask him to hasten our venturing to the lands of jihad and hijrah, the lands in which there is no worry about people spying on private matters, in which the justice of Allah is supreme over the paranoia of men.

Ameen, Ameen, Ameen.

BarakAllah feekum, ash-hadul la ilaha il Allah, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadar Rasul’Allah.

And the last of our call is al-hamdulilahi rahb al-alamin.

On recent events


Alhamdulillah, wa salatu wa salamu ala rasulillah,


From the creators of the magazine:


We are very happy with the response the materials posted on the blog received and we hope to see it spread, because this is the least we can do until Allah allows us to make hijrah fisabilillah. The magazine edition being worked on  was unfortunately never finished in time, therefore we intend to keep this blog active and cover the conquest of the world by the Islamic State, insha’Allah. This will also include commentary on current events in Iraq and Sham, as was the original purpose of the magazine. We shall try to write as actively as possible, however we are a small team and would appreciate to more writers, and as mentioned previously you may contact us if you are interested in writing.

Current events in Iraq and Syria after the many victories gained by the Islamic State with the permission of Allah only have turned the sight of the world against its soldiers and leadership.  Since the Khilafa was established Allah has given the State many victories such as the fall of Deir Ez-Zor countryside in totality, with the city firmly under siege by the Islamic State. Since the establishment of the khilafah many brigades have joined us and thousands have pledged allegiance to Amirul-Mu’mineen Ibrahim al-Husayni al-Qurayshi, may Allah protect him and his offspring.

We call upon the mujahideen around the globe to pledge allegiance and emigrate to the land of the Khilafa which extends from outskirts of Aleppo to Diyala, and the fighting rages on as we approach Baghdad.

We call upon the groups in Syria to think of their position, do they wish to be humiliated as the Prophet (ﷺ) told us in an authentic hadith:

This matter (of the caliphate) will remain with the Quraysh, and none will rebel against them, but Allah will throw him down on his face as long as they stick to the rules and regulations of the religion (Islam).

– Sahih Bukhari

Do they wish to rebel and be humiliated as the Prophet warned them they would? Or do they wish to pledge allegiance and prosper and take part on the fierce battles which will liberate not only Iraq, not only Sham, but Palestine, and the whole world after it? Only with the permission of Allah the Glorified, the Sublime.

O people, know that your khalifah is among you, know that Allah will make him victorious as long as he obeys Allah, as relayed to us by your prophet, by our prophet, and his words are only those of truth. Pledge allegiance in order that you may attain success and mercy.


O mujahideen of Iraq and Sham, know that your authority has been nullified by the arrival of the troops of the Islamic State, therefore ponder whether you wish to perish by the sword, humiliated, or whether you wish to join the State which will bring our ummah honor?


O people of Iraq and Sham, we are happy to see the love, the support, towards us as it gives our soldiers happiness after the slander and lies the hypocrites spread. Know that the State will support you and assist you if you support and assist it.


O you who disbelieve, know that the Islamic State poses you no threat as long as you do not threaten it, a severe warning for the western nations. The State has no intention to invade or harm you, so if you do not harm us we will not harm you, and we hope you hear this call.

Lastly, we want to address the wise of our ummah, Doctor Ayman al-Zawahiri:

O’ Doctor, you have undoubtedly heard the glad tidings of return of the khilafah, so turn your heart to Allah. Reflect on what will benefit your organization more, rebelling, which certaintly includes loss, against the khalifah, or uniting the ranks which you have mentioned over and over and over again as your dream and hope. This is what we call you to.

O Doctor, know that if you refuse you will hold the blood of the mujahideen on your hands. May Allah protect you against such fate.

O Doctor, know that your acceptance and pledge of allegiance will only benefit you. The state is supported by Allah and needs not your alligience.

O Doctor, be sincere to Allah! Pledge allegiance that the disbelievers may have fear of the Muslim state once again, that the thrones of the tawagheet shake from fear!

O Doctor, this is our naseeha to you, and whether you accept it or not Allah bears witness we have conveyed.


The Islamic State will only remain and expand by the permission of Allah alone, until it reaches the shores of America and will raise the flag of tawheed over Washington and the White House, if Allah wills.


And Allah is predominant over His affair, but most of the people do not know.


– The Noble Qu’ran [12:21]





Al-Khilafah Aridat

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem,

Alhamdulillahi rabbil alamin, wa salatu wa salamu ala rasulillah wa nabiyyna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain,

Dear readers, As-salamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,


In order to spread the word of Dawlatul-Islam, a few brothers gathered with sincere intention to create a magazine covering topics dealing with Dawlatul-Islam from Islamic justification to strategic expectations. However, Al-Hayat media recently released an official magazine, causing the brothers involved to decide to relinquish their work on this first edition of the magazine. They are posting their unfinished materials to this blog, and if any from the official Islamic State magazine is interested in the materials below or would like to contact any of us, from graphics or writing, we are more than willing to collaborate. It should also be noted that all these materials were created before the formal announcement of al-khilafah, and thus the original title of the magazine was Al-Khilafah Arida (The Caliphate is Returning) subsequently changed to Al-Khilafah Aridat (The Caliphate has Returned.)

As for what follows,


Preliminary Cover:


Table Of Contents

Editorial by Abu Mahdi al-Ansari

Sharh al-Khilafah Aridat   by Taqi’ulDeen al-Munthir

Conquest by Abu Mahdi al-Ansari

Bitcoin wa’ Sadaqat al-Jihad by Taqi’ulDeen al-Munthir (Removed)

The other pieces that were mostly completed will be finished up and posted here, insha’Allah. There will be misspellings and possibly even inaccurate information, keep in mind these are unfinished pieces written by laymen, not completed works of toulab al-ilm or ulama.

If you are involved with the official Islamic State magazine or want to contact us for another project,

Wa Jazakumullahu khayr.